Truck Concrete Mixer Pump

If you are looking for the best and cheapest truck-mounted concrete mixer pump in China, we are your best choice.

Truck concrete mixer pump
Truck concrete pump with mixer
Truck-mounted concrete mixing pump

Wanna Make More Money For Your Building Projects?

– The below working video is for the trailer type of concrete mixing pump without chassis.-

This concrete mixing pump is especially suitable for the construction of buildings with 5-15 floors.  A truck concrete mixing pump works 8 hours a day, is capable of mixing 150 CBM and pumping 320 CBM of concrete per day. Whether it’s for project use or leasing, it can bring a lot of profit to your business.

Detailed Analysis of Truck Concrete Mixer Pump.PDF

Are you worried about the slow construction and high cost? Why can a truck concrete mixer pump bring more benefits to your construction project? HEAJEE Machinery (a manufacturer of concrete pump equipment with 23 years of production experience in China) will explain it in detail.

Benefits of downloading this material PDF:

  • You will understand a diesel version of the concrete mixer pump, what is the actual cost of use and how much can you earn in one day in actual construction projects?
  • Specific performance and parameter configuration of diesel mixing pump
  • What kind of brand is used for the manufacture of diesel pump accessories?

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Peekay Kamau

“The truck-mounted concrete mixing pump is very convenient to transfer, and the performance of mixing and pumping is very stable, and it can pump concrete containing 50MM stones.”

Peekay Kamau

Happy customers

Mau Jr Faamausili

“I thought it would be expensive at first, but the price of this truck concrete mixer pump is really cheap, especially the replacement cost of wearing parts. In addition, They supplied 2 years quality guarantee for us. Overall, the ROI is really good. I still made a lot of money to buy this equipment for construction.”

Mau Jr Faamausili

Grema Mohammed

“It has been more than 4 years since I bought this truck concrete mixer pump, and the equipment is very stable. It’s really a most trusted brand for concrete mixer pump truck in China. HEAJEE have been in concrete pumping truck market for 22 years. and is a reliable factory.”

Grema Mohammed