HEAJEE Trailer Concrete Pumps are Reliable

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Trailer concrete pump

Get your concrete project done fast and easy with our reliable trailer concrete pumps!

Our hydraulic trailer concrete pumps are engineered with precision craftsmanship based on well-established designs that have decades of proven efficiency and longevity.

Please allow us to briefly summarize why HEAJEE trailer concrete pump works so well for so long. We want to avoid getting overly technical here so we will focus on the 3 Main systems that make our stationary and trailer-mounted concrete pumps the best in the business:

Hydraulic System

    The hydraulic oil pump is a crucial component to ensure that concrete is pumped with consistent pressure and force. That is why we only use Kawasaki(Japanese) or Rexroth(German) oil pumps in all of our concrete pumps. The total system capacity is high (560L) thus allowing for optimal heat transfer to maintain low temperatures. This allows our product to give you maximum efficiency over the long-run and extend the life of the equipment.
    The hydraulic tubing and control Valves are another critical aspect of the hydraulic system. Quality tubes and valves maintain ideal pressure at all times (regardless of aggregate or cubic load size) and also help reduce failure. That is why we only use the highest quality, Italian made, tubing and control valves from Ercolina – a worldwide industry leader.

Power Plant

Our trailer concrete pump comes with either an electric or diesel power plant. Both are produced locally by well-known, top-notch manufacturers.

By working closely with local engine manufacturers, we can maintain strict quality control protocols to ensure the quality of each individual power plant that’s installed in our concrete pumps. That way you only have to worry about the size of the power plant you need for the job, and not its quality – just fire it up and get to work!


Circuit controls

The circuit controls are responsible for controlling many of the pumps processes, from active operation and monitoring to emergency shutdown. Circuit control failures can lead to catastrophic equipment malfunction that could force you to shut down your project and possibly result in time and financial losses. That is why we use the absolute best circuits available on the market today, from global industry leaders like Omron (Japanese), Mitsubishi(Japanese), Schneider(French) and GSK(German).

We understand that are customers are under pressure to get their projects completed on time and under budget. The last thing you need to worry about is your concrete pump failing right in the middle of a pour. That is why you should rely on top-quality stationary and mobile concrete pumps from HEAJEE.


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