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If you are looking for the best and cheapest small diesel concrete pump in China, we are your best choice.

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Why you choose us?

➡ We are a direct concrete pump factory, not a trading company!

➡ Many large construction companies are using our delivery pumps, such as Hunan Road and Bridge, China Railway Construction, etc.

➡ Each concrete pump has been professionally optimized for more stable performance.

➡ HEAJEE’s small concrete pump, the machine is small and the price is very cheap, but the performance is very strong, and the pumping height is very high.

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“We believe that you have never seen a small diesel concrete pump with such a cheap price, let’s see what other customers have to say!”

Mohamed Hakeem

“The performance of this mini concrete pump is really powerful. It can pump 40MM stone concrete, and can pump 12 floors height. Contact HEAJEE to get a direct factory sale.”

Mohamed hakeem

Happy customers

Carl Correa

“When I bought it at that time, I was very surprised, how could there be such a cheap diesel version of the concrete pump. Through 2 years of use, the device is performing well, which is fantastic.”

Carl Correa

Leonie John

“Please don’t believe the small concrete pumps produced by other manufacturers on the market. They use a concrete cylinder with a diameter of 120mm, which cannot pump concrete, only mortar. But HEAJEE’s small concrete pump uses a 200mm-diameter concrete cylinder, which can fully pump standard concrete. I am sure that you will find a great selection of mini concrete pumps”

Leonie John