Truck-mounted concrete pump HBC90.18.176RS

Pumping standard concrete, the actual pumping height is 45 layers or within 140 meters, and the horizontal transportation distance is 500 meters.

● 1-Year Warranty   ● 1-Year Free Spare Parts   ● 24-Hour Online Service

Max. pumping


Delivery pressure

18 Mpa

Distribution valve


Conveyor cylinder


Diesel Engine


Total Weight

11020 Kgs

Aggregate size




Details About Truck-mounted concrete pump HBC90.18.176RS

(Last Updated On: 7月 6, 2020)

The transition is convenient and fast, and the area is small;
Effectively reduce the labor intensity of construction personnel, high production efficiency;
Adopt domestic automobile chassis, convenient maintenance and low use cost;
12 hours of uninterrupted pumping, Huijie tow the pump to 20 years of quality;
Low-pressure large displacement, high-pressure small displacement, high working efficiency;
The main liquefaction and electrical components are imported into the brand, with good stability and low failure rate;
Silt, slag, waste, etc. can also be pumped;
Commissioning of professional equipment, low pressure loss of delivery system, pumping farther and higher, not easy to block the pipe;
It is easy to damage, easy to consume, and has a long service life of easy-wear parts.

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