Electric concrete pump HBT30.8.30ES

It’s used for concrete conveying for new rural construction, small road, tunnel, water conservancy, electric power construction. The actual pumping distance is 50m vertically and 200m horizontally.

● 1-Year Warranty   ● 1-Year Free Spare Parts   ● 24-Hour Online Service

Max. pumping

38 m³/h

Delivery pressure

6 Mpa

Distribution valve


Conveyor cylinder

Ф180 mm

Engine rated power

30 KW

Total Weight

2200 Kgs

Aggregate size


Details About Electric concrete pump HBT30.8.30ES

(Last Updated On: 7月 6, 2020)

12 hours uninterrupted pumping, HEAJEE concrete pumps live up to 20 years of quality.
High efficiency with large displacement at low pressure and small displacement at high pressure.
The main liquefaction and electrical components are all branded, with good stability and low failure rate.
Sludge, slag, waste, etc. can also be pumped.
Professional equipment debugging, small pressure loss, pumping farther and higher, not easy to block the pipe.
The long life of wearing parts and the low post-use cost of HEAJEE concrete pump.

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