Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump JBT40-8-62RS

It’s used for new rural construction, plant, road, water conservancy, electricity construction. The actual vertical pumping height is 80 meters, and the horizontal pumping distance is 300 meters.

● 1-Year Warranty   ● 1-Year Free Spare Parts   ● 24-Hour Online Service


Max. pumping

40 m³/h

Max. mixing

15~25 m³/h

Delivery pressure

8 Mpa

Distribution valve


Conveyor cylinder

Ф200*800 mm

Diesel engine power

62 KW

Total weight

5500 Kgs

Aggregate size


Details About Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump JBT40-8-62RS

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Diesel concrete mixer pump is a combination of the original concrete pump and drum mixer to mix and pump directly. It is equivalent to a small movable mixing plant with a concrete pump, which improves the efficiency of concrete pouring. Adopting diesel power, it is flexible and convenient to move, and greatly improves the safety factor of the construction, it is the first choice for rural and urban concrete construction equipment.


Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump JBT40-8-62RS

  • The concrete mixer pump is equipped with wireless remote control, which is easy to operate and can be operated by one person.
  • With its own PLC control program, it is stable, reliable, and has a longer service life
    The hopper is formed at one time, which has better material absorption and is not easy to block the pipe.
  • The mixing system is equipped with an automatic control water addition system.
  • Feeding, stirring, turning, and pumping are all controlled by hydraulic power, saving operator labor.
  • A fully automatic lubrication system, significantly increasing the service life of the equipment.
  • Strictly carry out pressure test before the equipment leaves the factory

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