More than Just a Great Stationary Concrete Pump

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Concrete Mixer

Buy with confidence!

We consider our concrete pumps to be among the best construction machinery available for sale on the market today. When you purchase a concrete pump from HEAJEE, you are getting more than just a quality product; you will also get access to our full stock of parts and accessories for future repairs or modifications as well as lifetime support on the equipment.

  • Quality
    Our primary manufacturing goal is to produce world-class, craftsman-quality concrete pumps. That is why we use proven designs from the best engineers along with standard manufacturing practices (CE) and high quality materials to ensure you get the best product money can buy.
  • Service
    You can count on our personal commitment to provide you with the best customer service and support – starting with the purchasing process and continuing on into future maintenance. We are interested in building long-term relationships with all our customers. Our customer service team is quick and courteous when dealing with all of your customer service needs.
  • Lifetime Support
    Related to our excellent customer service is the technical support that you get when you purchase a HEAJEE concrete pump. You have our promise to provide lifetime support on all of our pumps regardless of age.
  • Guarantee
    We have decades of real world experience with both using and manufacturing concrete pumps. In addition, every unit we build has been designed, manufactured and tested at our modern factory facilities. So, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

We understand that many manufacturers and salesmen make the same claims about their products. So, we invite you to speak with anyone who owns a HEAJEE concrete pump to ask about their track record, or simply check out the testimonials from some of our loyal customers on the site.


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