HEAJEE Concrete Pumps are Versatile

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We are confident that you will find the concrete pump you need for your next project at HEAJEE. Why? Mainly because we offer a full range of trailer mounted pumps. From stationary mixing pumps and Grout pumps to large output pumps; from electric to diesel – we have it all!

Consider the variable output (M³/hr.) our pumps can deliver; from 30 M³/hr., all the way up to an impressive 88 M³/hr.

In addition, our pumps can handle aggregate size from fine to very coarse. Depending on the pump, it can range from 10mm (fine) – 50mm (coarse).

Transmission distance is another feature that make our pumps the most versatile on the market – capable of tackling even the largest of jobs. Our lighter duty pumps (i.e. grout pumps and stationary mixer pumps) have smaller, but still effective, range of 50 vertical meters / 200 horizontal meters, while our larger pumps can offer distances of 370 vertical meters / 1800 horizontal meters!

The fact that we manufacture both electric and diesel powered concrete pumps is another reason why you should consider us your preferred source when shopping for concrete pump suppliers. For remote locations or early stage projects where electrical power difficult to access or not yet available, you can rely on our diesel powered pumps for the same capability and reliability that our electrical powered units offer.

For small to medium sized jobs or where access is difficult, our grout pumps, stationary mixer pumps and trailer mounted pumps offer the ease of portability along with tremendous workhorse capability. All of our pumps come with jacks and outriggers allowing you achieve optimal stability even in cramped spaces or unstable footing (i.e. tunnels, swampy areas, etc.)


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