Using a grout pump ensures correct grout application

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Grout pump

Grout is a construction material made from cement, sand, water, and sometimes a fine gravel. It is used to connect pre-fabricated concrete sections, to fill in spaces between poured concrete sections and to eliminate the holes in concrete blocks. Grout is also employed to securely embed metal frameworks and rebar within a masonry structure. A correctly prepared and applied grout mixture creates a waterproof seal which hardens over a period of time to effectively seal joints against possible water damage.

Different types of grout are used for different applications and Heajee pumps offers different grout pumps for sale to cover all your grout pumping needs. Correct application of grout is essential, and it is imperative that the grout penetrates into every vacant space in order to give the finished product the strength required. As the strength of a grout depends on sand it often has a rather gritty texture when cured and it can be a difficult substance to manipulate without the correct equipment.

If you are using a structural grout to fill in the voids in masonry which contains reinforced steel you can be sure that our grout pumps will force the grout into every vacant space, ensuring that the steel is kept securely in the correct place and binding it strongly to the surrounding masonry.

If you are applying a non-shrink grout under metal bearing plates for the purpose of ensuring a constant bearing surface between the substrate and the plate, this is best achieved with a uniform and constantly depth layer which can only be effectively applied using a grout pump.

Grouts made from Portland cement are classified depending on the size of clinker used in the mixture. A standard mix contains particles measuring around 15 microns, a microfine mix with particles between 6-10 microns, and an ultrafine mix with particles smaller than 5 microns. The particle size determines the penetration capacity of the grout, with smaller size particles being able to achieve greater penetration. Using the latest technology grout pumps that Heajee pumps offer you can be sure that your grouting projects will be completed to the highest standards, with the correct amount of pressure being used to effectively pump the grout into all the necessary places to achieve a perfectly filled space and increase the strength and durability of your construction.


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