Do not buy the wrong diesel concrete pump, otherwise you will lose a lot of money.

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Diesel concrete pumps are usually used in remote areas where there is a lack of power, and we recommend that diesel concrete pumps should be used in the following two environments.

  • Electric concrete pump must use 380V~420V three-phase electricity. If there is a lack of three-phase alternating current, there are two options, one is to use a diesel generator set, and the other is to use a diesel version of the concrete pump. The energy efficiency conversion of diesel generator set is relatively low, in terms of economic benefits, the return on investment of diesel concrete pump will be higher.
  • There must be a stable voltage at the construction site. If the voltage is unstable, it is easy to cause damage to the pump motor. In this case, we recommend using a diesel version of the concrete pump.

Construction site of diesel concrete pump HBT80-18-176RS

When purchasing diesel concrete pumps, the type must be selected according to the actual size of the project, such as the height and distance that the project needs to pump. In order to give customers a more intuitive understanding, we have made a brief overview of each model of diesel pump, customers can refer to the following content to choose your appropriate model.
ModelPumping CapacityDelivered Height / Distance
HBT40.8.62RS40CBM/Hour10 floors / 200m
HBT50.10.92RS50CBM/Hour15 floors / 300m
HBT60.13.130RS60CBM/Hour30 floors / 400m
HBT80.18.176RS80CBM/Hour40 floors / 500m
HBT90.22.199RS90CBM/Hour50 floors / 600m

Attention: The above data are the real data (non-theoretical value) of the actual pumping concrete. If the mortar is pumped, higher and farther actual data will be obtained.

In 2018, we had a Malaysian client who needed to purchase a diesel version of a trailer concrete pump for a 34-story residential project. At that time, he directly asked to purchase our HBT60 series with 150m pipes. At that time, we were understanding that the height of the customer’s project was more than 100m vertical height. After communication, we felt that HBT60 series concrete pumps had some difficulties in the construction of this project, so we recommended our customers to choose our HBT80 series, and the customer completed the project smoothly at last. You can imagine that if the customer purchased 60 series of concrete pumps at that time, resulting in the delay in the delivery of the project, I think the loss must be huge. In fact, the most direct solution is that the customer can tell us the whole situation of the project, such as the height of the project and the distance the project needs to be pumped. In this way, we can choose the most suitable and economical pump for the customer according to the actual situation of the customer.

Diesel Concrete Pump HBT80-18-176RS
The picture showing 'we were producing a diesel version of HBT80 concrete pump for Malaysian customer'.

As a professional pumping equipment manufacturer, HEAJEE Machinery has so far exported about 800 sets of diesel concrete pumps to our global customers, including India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Pakistan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Russia, Georgia, Dubai, Kenya, Nigeria and so on. We found that more than 35% of foreign projects only need to choose HBT40 this small diesel version of the concrete pump can be completed, so we also recommend this model to everyone.

Do not buy the wrong diesel concrete pump, otherwise you will lose a lot of money.

For the detailed technical parameters of the diesel concrete pump HBT40.8.62RS and the related construction video, you can fill out the form below and our staff will send it to you by email for your reference!

Because the diesel engine of concrete pump compared with the electric engine of concrete pump in the equipment structure is more complex, the maintenance requirements are higher, if there is improper use, it is easy to cause damage to the equipment, resulting in economic losses. After you buy a suitable diesel trailer concrete pump, you should be familiar with some basic operation points in the early use.

  1. Turn on the main switch of the power supply.

  2. Screw the ignition switch key to the right and start the diesel engine. After the diesel engine starts, release the ignition key (vertical state).

  3. After idling the diesel engine for 2 to 3 minutes, turn on the pump switch and start pumping. (if you need to use the remote control, rotate the remote control button on the panel. ).

  4. If you need to stop pumping midway, please press the pumping stop button.

  5. After the pump is finished, screw the ignition key to the left and stop the diesel engine.

  6. Turn off the main switch of the power supply.

In addition, diesel concrete pump in the later use and maintenance, we should pay special attention to the maintenance of diesel engine. Power is the heart of the concrete pump. Only by maintaining the stability of the power output, we can maximize the investment value of the pump purchased. On how to maintain the diesel engine of concrete pump, our technical engineer will write a detailed article to teach you how to maintain the diesel engine.

Diesel Concrete Pump


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