HEAJEE concrete pumps could be for all your concrete pumping needs

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Heajee® concrete pumps offer high quality parts and state of the art engineering to meet all your concrete pumping needs. With 20 years of manufacturing expertise our company offers a range of pumps suitable for all your concrete pumping projects, and we can even custom build a pump to meet your particular requirements or specifications.

HEAJEE concrete pumps

Combining imported parts, labour and innovation with European standards and technology makes our concrete pumps excellent value for money. They are built to the highest international standards, utilising parts from different manufacturers in a perfect combination to take full advantage of each parts potential.

We offer static concrete pumps for heavy-duty, long-term jobs as well as ones that can be moved easily from one site to another for smaller, quicker projects. Our pumps are available with electric or diesel engines of different sizes to provide the power necessary for all your concrete pumping tasks. Whether you need to pump up high, or over a large area, we have the pump best suited to your needs, and our friendly staff are always on hand to advise and help with any questions you may have. You can contact us by e-mail (info@heajee.com), telephone or on-line chat 24-hours a day.

Our company is extremely proud that three of our HBT80-18-132ES concrete pumps were used to pump the 20,000 tons of concrete employed in the construction of Asia’s first suspension bridge, the recently completed Aizhai bridge project. So you can be confident that if our products are trusted with such prestigious constructions they will also provide you with the best option for your project. The HBT30-8-45ES model is an excellent option for smaller pumping projects and offers the same quality, durability and value for money as its big brothers.

As a family run company we pride ourselves on the personalised attention we give to all our clients, and our repeat customers are evidence of the importance that we place upon excellent customer relations and a high standard of customer care.

So whatever your concrete pumping project is, you can be confident that HEAJEE concrete pumps has the perfect option to fill your needs.


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