Concrete pumping prices vary depending upon numerous factors.

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concrete pumping prices

The job-site location is one of the main factors, and obviously if you want to pump in a remote location the cost is going to increase due to transport costs which include travel time and fuel usage. Also if the road or entry is particularly steep or of difficult terrain, this can also raise costs.

The size of the job to be undertaken is of course another factor, generally the cubic meter price is higher for a small order than a large one. For a small job calculate the number of cubic meters required by multiplying the width and length of the area by the depth of concrete you want to pour. It’s a good idea to order a little more as if you should not have enough you will incur more costs bringing in another truck load or mixing up a new batch. Jobs with smaller sized aggregates normally run cheaper as a smaller pump can be used to pump them.

On larger-scale jobs the concrete pumping prices will be determined by factors such as whether you will be purchasing one or more concrete pumps, or hiring them by the day, week or month, and as to whether you require the services of a skilled pump operator. Remember that the pump operator pumps the concrete but additional workers are necessary to do the finish work.

Concrete pumping is often a more economical proposition when compared to the man-hours which would be required to do the job without machinery, and of course there are many concrete jobs which would simply be impossible without the use of the correct specialized concrete pumping machinery to perform them.

With the knowledge that we have accumulated over the many years that we have been in the concrete pump manufacturing business, we at Heajee are experts at providing you with the information and advice that you need to get your pumping job completed safely, on time and at the most competitive price.

It can be confusing trying to decide on the best option so allow us at Heajee to take the stress out of the decision. Call to chat with our experts or send us details of your project and request a quotation. We guarantee that we will consider all aspects of your project to make sure that the concrete pumping prices that you will be paying are fair and appropriate.

Trust the experts at Heajee concrete pumps to give you the advice and the on-going support to make your project a complete success at the best possible price.


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