How Heajee concrete pump can save, and make you money

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Heajee concrete pump offers superb value for money, not only on your initial outlay but also with low running costs due to the hydraulic design which provides better fuel economy, and an extended machine life. Our pumps are built to the highest standards, and all parts are chosen and combined to offer maximum performance and reliability. With a working life twice that of similar products you can be sure that your purchase will keep pumping concrete efficiently, for many years to come.

The military quality of the pumping pistons and the Nitride treatment of the stirring axle increase performance and reduce maintenance, while the embedded S-tube decreases the risk of blockages forming. In addition the tank, tubing and joints of the hydraulic system receive an acid phosphate treatment which avoids the risk of contamination which can happen when corrosion occurs.

We estimate that you will only need to spend $150 in maintenance costs for every 8000 cubic meters of concrete pumped, and if you should need spare parts at any time our experts offer lifetime support and will be happy to advise you upon the condition of your machine and to assist you in finding any necessary replacement parts.

With over 20 years of experience in the concrete pump field our knowledgeable and friendly consultants are able to advise you on the most appropriate model for you or to design a model which can fill a specified need. Whether you are going to be using them for a major project like the LANYU railway or for a more modest task like a home extension or swimming pool, you can be confident that we have the perfect concrete pump for the job.

The concrete pump industry which began in the 1930s has changed the way and speed with which we build. In the hands of a skilled operator our concrete pumps can move up to 86 cubic meters of concrete spread over a vertical distance of 370 meters or horizontally 1800 meters and with a maximum aggregate size of 50 millimeters. With the construction business increasing globally, importing concrete pumping machinery or starting up a concrete pumping business or machine rental is a lucrative business possibility, and with the support and knowledge of the Heajee team behind you can be sure of making money in the venture.


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