Choosing the correct concrete pump pipe for your needs

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concrete pump pipe

Using the right concrete pump pipe is essential for the optimum operation of your concrete pump and for ensuring that the concrete is delivered correctly and safely to where it needs to be. At Heajee we offer a complete range of high quality, abrasion resistant pipes for all your concrete pumping jobs, and our specialized staff are happy to advise you upon which pipe combination would be best for your particular job.

Boom pipe is available as single wall, double wall or slick-line, and is made from induction hardened steel for a long working life. Twin wall systems have an inner resistant pipe lining with an outer steel shell, and a chrome carbide liner to protect them from excessive wear. Twin wall systems have a maximum working pressure of 85 bar. Single wall systems use an induction hardened pipe with chrome carbide lined weld ends for added protection. Lower cost non heat treated boom pipes are also available for less demanding operations.

Concrete pump hoses are extruded rubber tubes reinforced with woven fiber, cable or wire depending on the job requirements. These hoses have a maximum of 100 bar working pressure so the special alloy hose ends are extremely hard for extra safety. Concrete pump hoses come in a wide range of diameters and with different fittings. High pressure, wire reinforced hoses should be used for boom or discharge, while cable or fiber reinforced hoses may be sufficient for other lower pressure applications.

For high-rise and line pumping, hardened and non-hardened steel pipes are available in different diameters and of different gauges, and with a choice of male and female coupling ends. We also carry a range of Deck pipes and Backend pipes, couplings, brackets, hose ends, gaskets, bends, elbows, reducers, hose shut off valves and cleaning accessories.

Choosing the right concrete pumping pipe for the job can be confusing, with many things to be taken into consideration, including the harshness of the mix, the viscosity, the working pressure, the distance to be moved laterally and vertically, among others. For that reason you should consult with our expert team at Heajee concrete pumps who will be happy to ensure that you have the right concrete pumping pipes for your needs.

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  1. Dear sir,
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  2. This is some really good information about concrete pumping. It is good to know that it would be smart to consider looking into different gauges when it comes to pumps. That is good for me to understand because I want to get a new concrete patio installed.


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