Need concrete pump accessories? We’ve got it

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concrete pump accessories

At Heajee concrete pumps we pride ourselves upon the quality of the machinery we sell, and our pumps are made of top quality materials which offer the user a long working life. Some of our pumps which still pump concrete every day are over 15 years old. However all machinery and especially heavy duty equipment like ours which is in constant use and often under extreme circumstances, requires maintenance to keep it functioning at its best. Observing a rigorous maintenance program keeps your concretes pump working at its optimum level as well as ensuring operator safety. Replacing concrete pump accessories at the first signs of wear or damage can save you money, as allowing a mechanism to keep working with a damaged part can lead to deterioration of other parts which can cause bigger problems. Also the time and money spent on regular maintenance is much less than having to shut down an operation to do major repairs later on.

Heajee concrete pumps carries a complete line of spare and replacement accessories for all of our pumps. Whether you need a switch, a fan, a gauge, a gasket, a flange, a pipe, or whatever, we have it in stock and will ship it to you fast. We have been manufacturing trailer concrete pumping equipment for nearly 20 years so we know exactly what you need to keep your pumps running smoothly. If you are unsure about any function of your concrete pump, our knowledgeable staff are on hand 24 hours a day to advise you about any aspect of your concrete pump, and we offer lifetime support, service and concrete pump accessories for all our concrete pumps, even the older models.


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