Concrete Mixer Pump (Tipping Bucket type), is an Economic Disaster

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Are you still using a concrete mixer pump that has a tipping bucket mixer?

Are you about to import a concrete pump with a tipping bucket mixer, from China


DO NOT ever use this type of equipment again.

low efficiency concrete mixing pump


It will eliminate any expected profits on your building projects. Look at these facts:

  • The discharging capacity of a tipping buck concrete mixer, is only 350L.
  • The theoretical maximum mixing volume is only10CBM concrete per hour.
  • Its actual mixing volume is only 4~5 CBM concrete per hour.
  • It stands to reason that if this machine only mixes 4 or 5 CBM concrete per hour, it is not profitable to use on any construction project.

ABANDON using any concrete pump that has a Tipping Bucket mixer.

The use of low-efficiency concrete mixing pump can only lead to delays in the construction of any project. This will have a knock on effect, because the project will not be completed on schedule. Resulting in increased costs of more time, and higher labor costs. In short, you will lose profits.

Finally, it can be concluded that if you wish to keep your profits healthy during a construction project, then you should consider using a better quality concrete mixer pump.


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