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HEAJEE Concrete Pumps are Versatile

We are confident that you will find the concrete pump you need for your next project at HEAJEE. Why? Mainly because we offer a full range of trailer mounted pumps. From stationary mixing pumps and Grout pumps to large output pumps; from electric to diesel – we have it all! Consider the variable output (M³/hr.) our pumps can deliver; from

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Concrete Mixer

More than Just a Great Stationary Concrete Pump

Buy with confidence! We consider our concrete pumps to be among the best construction machinery available for sale on the market today. When you purchase a concrete pump from HEAJEE, you are getting more than just a quality product; you will also get access to our full stock of parts and accessories for future repairs or modifications as well as

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Inspect concrete pump

Safety and maintenance tips for concrete pump owners

Read thoroughly the owner and safety manuals which came with your concrete pump, they contain vital information which will maintain your pump in good working order. Routine maintenance can prevent bigger problems developing, as well as ensuring the safe operation of your equipment. Regularly check the boom for damaged gaskets, leaks from hydraulic fittings, grout in the water box, and

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Trailer concrete pump

HEAJEE Trailer Concrete Pumps are Reliable

Get your concrete project done fast and easy with our reliable trailer concrete pumps! Our hydraulic trailer concrete pumps are engineered with precision craftsmanship based on well-established designs that have decades of proven efficiency and longevity. Please allow us to briefly summarize why HEAJEE trailer concrete pump works so well for so long. We want to avoid getting overly technical

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