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Concrete Pumping

The importance of the correct concrete mixer for pumping

Concrete has been used as a building material by man for a very long time, and columns constructed over 3500 years ago can still be found standing in Egypt, and the coliseum in Rome is another ancient example. The cements used in these early constructions were made from a mixture of ground lime, cal

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How Heajee concrete pump can save, and make you money

Heajee concrete pump offers superb value for money, not only on your initial outlay but also with low running costs due to the hydraulic design which provides better fuel economy, and an extended machine life. Our pumps are built to the highest standards, and all parts are chosen and combined to off

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Trailer Concrete Pump

We only manufacture top quality concrete pumping equipment

Quality you can depend on! Construction equipment for sale direct from manufacturer. HEAJEE concrete pumping manufacturing makes some of the finest construction machinery in the world. Based on decades of experience with concrete pumps (20 years in manufacturing alone) we here at HEAJEE are dedicate

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