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concrete pumping prices

Concrete pumping prices vary depending upon numerous factors.

The job-site location is one of the main factors, and obviously if you want to pump in a remote location the cost is going to increase due to transport costs which include travel time and fuel usage. Also if the road or entry is particularly steep or of difficult terrain, this can also raise costs.

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concrete pump accessories

Need concrete pump accessories? We’ve got it

At Heajee concrete pumps we pride ourselves upon the quality of the machinery we sell, and our pumps are made of top quality materials which offer the user a long working life. Some of our pumps which still pump concrete every day are over 15 years old. However all machinery and especially heavy dut

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concrete pump pipe

Choosing the correct concrete pump pipe for your needs

Using the right concrete pump pipe is essential for the optimum operation of your concrete pump and for ensuring that the concrete is delivered correctly and safely to where it needs to be. At Heajee we offer a complete range of high quality, abrasion resistant pipes for all your concrete pumping jo

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Grout pump

Using a grout pump ensures correct grout application

Grout is a construction material made from cement, sand, water, and sometimes a fine gravel. It is used to connect pre-fabricated concrete sections, to fill in spaces between poured concrete sections and to eliminate the holes in concrete blocks. Grout is also employed to securely embed metal framew

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