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concrete mixer pump accessories treatment

A HEAJEE concrete mixer pump will save your time, money and labor costs, for all your building projects.

Many importers of machinery, and construction contractors, purchase cheaply produced concrete mixer pumps. Only to discover the poor quality is not stable or effective in the mixing of concrete. This leads to long delays on their construction schedule, as the inefficient machinery hinders progress on the building project. It is better to have an understanding of varying differences in the

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trailer mounted line concrete pumps

Trailer Mounted Line Concrete Pumps Used For Various Construction Projects

A concrete pump is used for transferring liquid concrete by pumping. They come in a variety of sizes, but are generally large, industrial machines used on construction sites to pour concrete in difficult to access areas where concrete mixers can’t reach, such as on the tops of buildings. They are designed to feed concrete to these areas from a great

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Why do our trailer concrete pumps have better quality?

REASON ONE: USING LIFE OF HEAJEE CONCRETE PUMP IS MORE THAN 2 TIMES OF NORMAL CONCRETE PUMPS. Military quality concrete pump piston Stirring axle by Nitriding treatment Valve block was processed by “bluing” technique Embedded S tube The key parts of hydraulic system are all treated by special technique The acid phosphate treatment of Hydraulic tank, tubing and joints effectly

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