A HEAJEE concrete mixer pump will save your time, money and labor costs, for all your building projects.

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Many importers of machinery, and construction contractors, purchase cheaply produced concrete mixer pumps. Only to discover the poor quality is not stable or effective in the mixing of concrete. This leads to long delays on their construction schedule, as the inefficient machinery hinders progress on the building project. It is better to have an understanding of varying differences in the manufacturing of mixing pumps.

concrete mixer pump accessories treatment

First, let’s look at why you should use a HEAJEE BRNAD concrete mixer pump.

  1. All key parts, such as oil tanks, tubing and joints, etc. undergo specialist treatment techniques. An acid phosphate treatment of the hydraulic tank, tubing and joints, effectively protects from corrosion contamination of the hydraulic system. We do not cut corners to save on production costs, as some manufacturers do.
  2. Using a large concrete cylinder Φ200 x 977, this guarantees a strong pumping function. In comparison to our competitors who often use a much smaller diameter in their concrete cylinders.
  3. Our mixer hopper uses 450L, compared to our competitors use of 350L.
  4. Most of our accessories use import brands, whereas competitors all to often use cheaply made Chinese brands.

Common problems found in cheaply manufactured mixing pumps.

  1. The hopper does not automatically stop when it is lowered.
  2. When a collision sound in the mixing was diagnosed, it was believed to be a spatula, or scraper that was loose or warping, and causing a collision in the mixing tube.
  3. Motor tape was too loose.
  4. Abnormal sound in the mixing cylinder was found to be a gap of blade and scraper, in the tube wall.
  5. The reducer noise is caused by bearing damage during the rotation, which is due to the increased friction at the junction, and produces noise
  6. Shaft end leakage slurry, is a result of floating seal damage.
  7. Poor results are caused by not using professional concret


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