• Trailer Concrete Mixing Pumps JBT40-8-45ES


  • Stationary Concrete Mixing Pumps HBT40-8-45ES


Good stability,long life

  • Using Kawasaki hydraulic main pump from Japan, ensure the stability of the device.
  • A new generation of pumps with streamlined arc, more beautiful and durable.
  • Hydraulic tank and steel pipe are all treated by ‘pickling, Ling’, which ensures the cleanness of hydraulic system and increases the using life of main pumps, control valves and other hydraulic components.

Excellent delivery performance

  • Using Φ200 anvil cylinder, suction better performance, can be easily pumped 40mm stones.
  • The hopper was optimized, no accumulation of material, easy to clean.

Powerful, 18-storey building can be easily transported

  • Using large bore hydraulic pump,Kawasaki pump, and Italian Manuli high pressure tubing.
  • Vertical transport of 50 to 80 meters, the ground level delivery of 200 to 300 meters, can be applied to a variety of projects.
Maximum Theoretical Concrete MixingM³/H15
Maximum Theoretical Concrete OutputM³/H30 or 40
Theoretical maximum transmission distanceMVertical 80/Horizontal 300
Distribution Valve FormS valve
Hopper Volume*HeightLxMM600x1080
Pumping Motor Power KW30 or 37
Winch Motor Power KW5.5
Hydraulic Oil Formopen circuit
Rated SpeedRPM1480
Fuel Tank Capacity L170
Concrete Delivery Pressure Mpa6
Concrete Cylinder Specification*StrokeMMφ180 * 800 or 200 * 800
Spout Diameter MMφ180
Mixing Motor PowerKW8 or 4
Pump Motor PowerW550
Maximum Aggregate SizeMMGrait:40MM; Gravel:30MM
Dimensions (L * W * H) MM4200x2100x3300
Max theoretical concrete output40m³/h
Max theoretical concrete mixing15m³/h
Mixing volume per time0.4m³/time
Max concrete pumping pressure8mpa
Max theoretical conveying distance Vertical 80m/Horizontal 300m
Max aggregate sizeGrait 40mm/Gravel 30mm
Diesel engine(YUCHAI brand)62kw
Concrete cylinder specification*strokeφ200*977mm
Oil cylinder spec.(outer dia. x inner dia. x stroke)Φ90x65x977mm
Hopper volume*Height600L*1080mm
Hopper volume0.7L
Rated speed1480r/min
Hydraulic oil tank capacity180L
Distribution valve formS-valve
Allowing the concrete slump18-22cm
Outlet diameter180mm
Delivery pipe inner diameter125mm
Filling height1200mm
Max hydraulic system pressure28mpa
Distributing system pressure10mpa
Mixing system oil pressure12mpa
Overall dimension(L×W×H)5000*2100*3200mm
Machine total weight4000kgs
Main oil pumpKawasaki
Hydraulic systemDouble circuit opening system
Switch TypeHigh-Low pressure switch
The radiator coolingAir cooling system
Pipe cleaning modeWashing