Diesel concrete pump HBT80-16-176RS
Power system:
1. Using KAWASAKI brand OR GERMAN Rexroth brand of Oil pump
2. Using WEICHAI diesel motor (130KW) from China.

Main pumping system:
1.Using Master Cylinder of HUNAN XIELI and Concrete Cylinder of WUXI ZHONGHONG.
2. Open-loop hydraulic circuit, Big fuel tank capacity (560L), Good performance of heat transfer and low temperature of the system effectively protect the entire hydraulic system to work properly.

Distribution system:
1. Using the swing cylinder (Φ80) of CHANGSHA XIELI.
2. Using nested S-tube valve.
3. Using special glasses plates of wear-resistant materials, cutting ring.

Mixing system:
1. Using cycloid motor from NINGBO ZHONGYI and Beijing HUADE group valve.
2. Using super-resistant mixing blade shaft with pedal-style.
3. The hardness of left and right axle HB250-280 after quenched treatment. The thickness of the surface nitride is greater than 0.3mm, and the surface hardness is more than HB550.

Cooling and filtration devices:
1.Using oil filter from WENZHOU LEEMIN that Zoomlion used. The filtration accuracy of main pump suction filter is 100μm, and the filtration accuracy of the gear pump suction filter is 80μm, and the filtration accuracy of return oil filter is 20μm.
2. Coolers from airline products are of reliable quality and good heat dissipation.

Hydraulic piping and valve:
1. Using imported Italian MANULI oil tubing and fittings with good pressure resistance and anti-aging performance.
2. Using hydraulic control valve from the Italian company Atos ,which is a unit of the hydraulic system to ensure long-term stability

Electronic control systems:
1. Using Omron programmable controller (PLC) and Mitsubishi’s open space. It has the advantages of movement control accuracy, long life and low failure.
2. Using Schneider AC contactors and control buttons (contact).
3. Using integrated power and Intermediate relay from Taiwan MEANWELL
4. Using GSK proximity switches from Germany.

Maximum Theoretical ThroughputM³/H88
Concrete Delivery PressureMPA16
Theoretical maximum transmission distanceMeterVertical 350/Horizontal 1500
Maximum Aggregate SizeMM50
Distribution Valve FormS valve
Concrete Cylinder SpecificationMM Φ200*1800
Hopper CapacityM30.8
Motor Rated Power KW176
Total WeightKGS6300
Hydraulic oil tank capacity L500
Dimensions (L * W * H) MM6300*2100*2350