A Brief History of HEAJEE Concrete Pumps

HEAJEE concrete pump history
HEAJEE concrete pumps have been around for a long time,founded in 1995. In 1966, We manufactured our first set of concrete pump HBT60-13-75ES. It was an hard time as HEAJEE Company faced many unknowns and challenges.The business quickly grew with the demand and more pumps were purchased.At last,we make it.

HEAJEE pumps have been designed for many different uses. For example, all equipments that move blood and other materials in a hospital are of more stable function. We have had to invent, reinvent,improvise and discover through trial and error every aspect of the pumps capabilities, usage and the system needed to deliver the concrete to the forms in last 20 years.

First Generation Concrete Pump

first generation HEAJEE concrete pump

Latest HEAJEE Pump

Lastest HEAJEE Pump


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