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  • Very competitive price
  • Ultra-low maintenance costs
  • Military quality concrete pump piston
  • Stirring axle by Nitriding treatment
  • Longer using life than other normal concrete pumps
  • 3 Years quality guarantee
  • Valve block was processed by “bluing” technique
  • Embedded S tube
Electric trailer concrete pumping HBT40-8-45ES
diesel trailer concrete pump HBT6013-130RS

How HEAJEE concrete pump make you money?

Our concrete pumps could make money for youHeajee concrete pump offers superb value for money, not only on your initial outlay but also with low running costs due to the hydraulic design which provides better fuel economy, and an extended machine life. Our pumps are built to the highest standards, and all parts are chosen and combined to offer maximum performance and reliability. With a working life twice that of similar products you can be sure that your purchase will keep pumping concrete efficiently, for many years to come.

We estimate that you will only need to spend $150 in maintenance costs for every 8000 cubic meters of concrete pumped, and if you should need spare parts at any time our experts offer lifetime support and will be happy to advise you upon the condition of your machine and to assist you in finding any necessary replacement parts.

With over 20 years of experience in the concrete pump field our knowledgeable and friendly consultants are able to advise you on the most appropriate model for you or to design a model which can fill a specified need. Whether you are going to be using them for a major project like the LANYU railway or for a more modest task like a home extension or swimming pool, you can be confident that we have the perfect concrete pump for the job.

Please contact us for further information such as technical problems,projects,etc. We’ll be happy to be your service and help with any further information you require.

Or, Call us at 0086 186 73172033 for shutter problems or any other questions you may have. We’ll be happy to assist.

See what accessories we are using?

concrete pump spare parts
Power system:
  • Using KAWASAKI brand of Oil pump Or REXROTH Oil pump from Germany.
  • Using well-known motor from China or Cummins Motor.
Main pumping system:
  • Using Master Cylinder of HUNAN XIELI and Concrete Cylinder of WUXI ZHONGHONG.
  • Open-loop hydraulic circuit, Big fuel tank capacity (560L), Good performance of heat transfer and low temperature of the system effectively protect the entire hydraulic system to work properly.
Distribution system:
  • using the swing cylinder of CHANGSHA XIELI.
  • using nested S-tube valve.
  • using special glasses plates of wear-resistant materials, cutting ring.
Mixing system:
  • Using cycloid motor from NINGBO ZHONGYI.
  • Using super-resistant mixing blade shaft with pedal-style.
  • The hardness of left and right axle HB250-280 after quenched treatment. The thickness of the surface nitride is greater than 0.3mm, and the surface hardness is more than HB550.
Cooling and filtration devices:
  • Using oil filter from WENZHOU LEEMIN that Zoomlion used. The filtration accuracy of main pump suction filter is 100μm, and the filtration accuracy of the gear pump suction filter is 80μm, and the filtration accuracy of return oil filter is 20μm.
  • Coolers from airline products are of reliable quality and good heat dissipation.
Hydraulic piping and valve:
  • Using imported Italian MANULI tubing and fittings with good pressure resistance and anti-aging performance.
  • Using hydraulic control valve from the Italian company Atos ,which is a unit of the hydraulic system to ensure long-term stability
Electronic control systems:
  • Using Omron programmable controller (PLC) and Mitsubishi’s open space. It has the advantages of movement control accuracy, long life and low failure.
  • Using Schneider AC contactors and control buttons (contact).
  • Using Omron’s integrated power supply and relay.
  • Using GSK proximity switches from Germany.
  • Using use NEC hydraulic table.


Delivery pump engineering example


Aizhai bridge is Asia’s first suspension bridge,and ranked third in the world. The height between the bridge and the ground elevation reach about 330 meters, and the main span of bridge is 1,176 meters. The total quality is close to 20,000 tons.

China Road and Bridge Group company in July 2008 purchased three sets of concrete pumps item no.HBT80-18-132ES  from us for pumping concrete in this project, and did the successful completion of the project.


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